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Installing Solar Panels
Hi! I’m Ben. The owner of Tri State Solar, but so much more! In my free time, I love hanging out in the great outdoors. Plants and trees inspire me – and I recently nurtured my very own garden. I spend time meditating each day near the growing plants. It was that love of nature and my natural curiosity that made me so intrigued by the solar panels that I added to my home. I knew I had to learn more, and once I did, I was excited to share my knowledge with others. I am lucky to have the requisite experience I needed to launch my own solar business. I started my career as an accountant for a global cosmetics supplier in Brooklyn, NY. The insights I picked up in running an organized business served me well as I climbed the corporate ladder and became the CFO of a large commercial janitorial service. My experiences in the corporate world gave me the confidence and skills I needed as I segued into running Tri State Solar. Over the past few years, I stayed true to my vision. The goal I had for TSS was to make solar affordable to residents of Rockland NY and the surrounding area, while offering top quality products and service, too. I’m thankful to my clients and business partners. Their similar interests and our shared pride in our accomplishments give me a lot of satisfaction. Nature inspires me to be grateful, to value the environment, and to prioritize health. Solar panels helps me stay true to myself and promote a natural way of life. I’m grateful for the opportunity to harness the natural power of sunlight to make the world a better place.
Benjamin Stern